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June 14 - 15, 2021

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At HR Retail, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies.

Walmart's HR Strategy: VR For Onboarding & Recruitment

Since Walmart started using Oculus Rift to train employees in simulated scenarios, it has expanded the use of VR to its recruitment and promotional process.

Taco Bell & Shake Shack's Recruitment Strategy

Taco Bell, Shake Shack, and other fast food restaurants are throwing hiring parties to attract and screen job applicants effectively.

3 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement and Retention Rate

Learn tactics on how to keep your employees engaged, productive, and happy.

3 HR Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

Digital transformation hits the HR department with technologies that support remote work opportunities, employee wellness, training, and assessments.

4 New Staff Training Methods in 2020

Technology allows employees to develop skills in more areas than ever through training from various mediums.

CVS Health and Sleepio's Strategy to Combat Insomnia

CVS Health is including CBT-based insomnia treatment app Sleepio in its employee benefit package to help American workers get better sleep.

DICK's Sporting Goods’ Recruitment and Onboarding Strategy

DICK's Sporting Goods takes job applicants to in-store interviews on National Signing Day and onboards staff with digital platform to prepare for the holiday.

Indeed's HR Strategy to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Indeed automates part of the job application process to eliminate unconscious bias and create an inclusive recruitment pipeline.

How Nordstrom Addresses the Gender and Racial Wage Gap

Nordstrom carries out a large-scale revaluation of wage to achieve 100 percent pay equity across gender and race.

Lowes' Strategy to Boost Employee Morale and Engagement

Lowe’s is re-engaging its employees with virtual reality technology and carrying out regular employee surveys to boost morale in the workplace.

How Starbucks is Prioritizing Mental Health For Its Employees

Starbuck is raising mental health awareness and putting employee wellbeing first with HR offering of counseling, inpatient, and outpatient mental health care.

3 HR Strategies to Improve Employee Retention in 2020

Learn how to improve staff retention by creating multiple touchpoints for feedback, offering perks, and driving a healthy work life balance.

The Home Depot Introduces Smartphone-Based Recruitment Process

The home improvement and gardening industry shifts into high gear when springtime rolls around, and firms often need to pad out their autumn and winter skeleton crews with much more staff very quickly. This led The Home Depot to look to digital technology as a way of quickly recruiting 80,000 new people.

Amazon's Unique Tricks when it Comes to Hiring New Staff

Amazon's status as an employer is often in the news, and often not in the most favorable light. However, when it comes to hiring new staff, the ecommerce mega-corporation has a few unique tricks up its sleeve.

How Walmart is Managing the Largest Workforce in the World

Walmart is not only the world's largest company in terms of revenue but, with nearly 2.5 million employees around the globe, also boasts its biggest workforce. Being responsible for that many people would be an insurmountable challenge for many businesses, but Walmart has a rock-solid strategy to help keep things under control.

Focusing on Inclusivity and Diversity: Warby Parker's Recruitment Strategy

As a big disruptor in the eyewear industry, Warby Parker is all about making sure it has its focus on the right issues. This is especially true when it comes to building an inclusive and diverse team.

How Dollar General is Creating Opportunities for Returning Veterans

When members of the armed forces return home from active duty, they can face many issues trying to assimilate back into normal life, or "civvy street" as is the term used by the vets themselves. However, Dollar General is creating opportunities for veterans with its progressive recruitment policies.

Best Buy Is Making Its HR More Human with... Machines?

As digital technology permeates almost every corner of every industry, the modern workplace is a very different animal from the one that existed only a decade or two ago. Now, Best Buy is using AI, machine learning, and other leading technology to - somewhat counter-intuitively - put the human touch back into human resources.

How Walmart is Investing in American Manufacturing and Tackling Youth Unemployment

Not only does Walmart need to innovate in the way it serves its customers, but also in how it attracts the talented individuals and teams which are required for it to do so.

How Williams-Sonoma Tried to Fill 4,000 Positions in a Single Day

Williams-Sonoma's National Hiring Day aimed to carry out interviews for 4,000 positions across its portfolio of brands with this hiring strategy.

How Home Depot Links HR To Culture & Community

While the customer remains the prime focus of The Home Depot's efforts, the company's own associates are also given priority as people, rather than employees.

How Nordstrom Retains & Recruits Millennials

Discover how Nordstrom is adjusting recruitment and retention strategies to secure the future of their workforce

Bonobos Is Driving Employee Engagement with People Teams

How Bonobos uses "People Teams" to increase employee engagement

How Starbucks Drives Profit with "Purpose-Driven" Recruiting

Starbucks shows how connecting employees with purpose brings measurable business impact.

Q&A with Angela Maiers, Founder of Choose2Matter

Angela discusses her mission to help every individual embrace their value.