2019 HR Innovation Briefing

National workforce demographics are changing, millennials are shifting HR strategy and the retail industry shows no signs of transformation slowing down. Retail HR heads feel the immense pressure of competing with ecommerce behemoths such as Amazon. They’re also learning how to staff in an economy that has shifted the labor market against retailers hiring low-wage, hourly, seasonal workers and highly sought after cross-industry tech talent. In this briefing, we give a snapshot of how several world class retailers are creating opportunities and reimagining their recruitment process in order to stay relevant and maintain a consistent brand process and culture.

HR Retail Director's Report

The instant gratification culture of today’s world has a large impact on the ecommerce landscape. In this environment, small and medium sized businesses struggle to balance their fulfillment operations and the urgency of consumer demands. Not only does it require quick staffing with low labor pools, it requires more concentrated employee development and retention efforts. Larger retailers with sophisticated ecommerce strategies are in fact becoming tech companies but struggle to brand themselves as such to the sparsely populated STEM talent pool. The competition for such talent with transferrable skills is cut-throat as retailers compete with companies from across industries and verticals. Click the image on the left to download this report! 

Background Screening Takeaways

In the past, employers that ordered background checks on applicants and employees would receive a report that captured the candidate's background information at the time of the report. Employers that wanted to find out whether their incumbent employees had been, for example, arrested for or convicted of a new crime had to order a new background report, which can be costly. Now, employers can request continuous monitoring of incumbent employees, which typically is a service that evaluates public record resources and alerts the employer as to an employee's activities. 

Talented Sales Associates Consistently Outsell Counterparts

A retail company with a long-term partnership with Talent Plus selecting for front-line sales associate found that highly talented employees outsold low-talent counterparts by early $25,000 in their first 12 months.

Case Study: Shopify

When the team at Shopify doubled down on proactive outreach to passive candidates, they dramatically increased their efficiency in hiring high-priority talent.

Case Study: Digitizing Employee Documents to Free Up Real Estate and HR Time

With over 4,000 locations and more than 24,000 employees in the U.S. alone, this retailer of professional beauty supplies experiences a significant volume of HR document and compliance requirements for its rapidly changing workforce.

Leveraging Digital Mediums to Engage and Retain Employees

Click the image on the left to download now! In the 2016 HR Retail Webinar hosted by Kronos Incorporated, human resources leadership from Home Depot, West Marine, and Walgreens shared their insights in response to questions about some of the driving concerns in technology implementation alongside human resources initiatives today: Increasing Employee Engagement Attracting High Technology Talent Digital Engagement with New Hires Adopting Learning and Mobile Tools Innovative Social Media Initiatives New Legal Compliance Challenges

2018 HR Innovation Briefing

In our reports and conferences, we pride ourselves on showing our audience a behind the scenes look at the most successful HR eCommerce and retail initiatives.As an HR retail executive, it is more critical than ever to stay updated on how new technologies and strategies are deployed to gain advantages in hiring strategy and retention. Retail HR heads are feeling the immense pressure of competing with ecommerce behemoths such as Amazon. In addition, HR executives are having a difficult time staffing in an economy that has retailers competing across industries for hourly, seasonal workers and highly sought after tech talent.In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several small and large retailers are embracing retail growing pains, prioritizing onboarding processes and using technology to their advantage.

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