HR Retail 2020

September 16 - 18, 2020

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, CA

Day One: Innovating People Strategy for the New Retailer

7:00 am - 8:00 am Breakfast & Registration in the HR Hub

Welcome to HR Retail! Pick up your badge at the registration desk and head on over to the HR Hub for some breakfast to fuel through an inspiring day of learning and networking!

8:00 am - 8:15 am Welcome Remarks & Ice Breaker

Zainab Hayat, Program Director at HR Retail 2020

Zainab Hayat

Program Director
HR Retail 2020

8:15 am - 8:30 am Chairpersons’ Opening Address

Noel Webb, SVP, Head of Product Innovation at Alexander Mann

Noel Webb

SVP, Head of Product Innovation
Alexander Mann

8:30 am - 8:55 am Keynote: Keeping the Human First in a Digitizing World: Multidimensional Employee Experience for a High Performance Workplace

According to the Harvard Business Review, employee experience was a top three priority for companies in 2019. As retailers are always looking to upgrade customer experience, people leaders have become increasingly conscious of the need to make similar changes in employee experience as well. At Best Buy, Courtney Capeling leads the HR Team for U.S. Retail, inclusive of Retail Sales, Operations and HR Operations. She and her team are focused on the significant transformation the business of retail is undergoing and the culture leaders create at Best Buy. With the retailer prioritizing an upgraded employee experience, Courtney will talk through:
• Nurturing a culture of empowerment, collaboration and encouragement 
• Providing robust compensation and benefits as a competitive differentiator 
• Updating employee communications and tools to be more UX and mobile friendly

Courtney Capeling, VP, HR at Best Buy

Courtney Capeling

Best Buy

8:55 am - 9:20 am Fire-Side Chat: People Management for Cult Disruptor Brands in High Growth Retail

Cult, disruptor brands have made a transformative splash in the retail landscape – and correspondingly in how they view and interact with talent.
• What it means to be “digital first” as a brand and how it impacts the “human” aspect of Human Resources
• Keeping up with an upskilling, rapidly expanding workforce at a high growth company
• Reflecting and communicating the values of the brand and your customer base to both current and potential employees

Natalie Breece, SVP, People at thredUP

Natalie Breece

SVP, People

Brian Kedzior, VP, Talent Management at Parallel

Brian Kedzior

VP, Talent Management

Earlier this morning, we heard from HR leaders about what how they are managing a dynamic retail landscape. In this panel, we will talk about retailers are updating their talent strategies to appeal to an increasingly more experience conscious workforce with changing professional and personal needs. This panel will address how organizations are:
• Adapting talent attraction strategy and language to make your organization an employer of choice
• Ensuring that organizations are listening to the needs of the workforce
• Effectively assessing and developing talent for the changing needs of the business

Christine Doucet, Director, Ace Hardware Foundation & Employee Engagement at Ace Hardware

Christine Doucet

Director, Ace Hardware Foundation & Employee Engagement
Ace Hardware

Hope Milligan, Senior Director, HR at PacSun

Hope Milligan

Senior Director, HR

Tracey Russell, Director, Field HR at Taco Bell

Tracey Russell

Director, Field HR
Taco Bell

Chip Borsi, Head of Retail Insights at Indeed

Chip Borsi

Head of Retail Insights

9:45 am - 9:55 am Audience Interactive!

After hearing the panelists share their thoughts, take this time to discuss key takeaways and next steps at your tables.

9:55 am - 10:40 am Coffee O’ Clock Morning Break in the HR Hub

Need a quick caffeine jolt after an inspiring start to the morning? We have you covered with snacks and coffee in the HR Hub next door!

10:40 am - 11:00 am Keynote: What’s in Store: The Future of Retail Recruitment

Stores without cashiers. The rise of experiential retail and mobile commerce. The closing of large-scale department store chains and the opening of small-footprint concept shops. While there’s more uncertainty than ever in the retail sector, one thing’s for sure: The industry is continuing to evolve – and fast.

Back a third time after rave reviews, Chip Borsi returns to HR Retail to share with you Indeed’s research on the evolving landscape of retail recruitment. You'll walk away with:
• Valuable insights into how the retail industry has evolved in recent years
• What these changes mean for talent professionals in the retail industry
• Strategies for successful high-volume hiring, hosting recruitment events, boosting your employer brand and more

Chip Borsi, Head of Retail Insights at Indeed

Chip Borsi

Head of Retail Insights

11:00 am - 11:20 am Fire-Side Chat: Communicating with Heart at CVS Health: Reinventing Employment During a Time of Transformation

Combining CVS Health and Aetna was a transformative moment for our company, establishing us as the nation’s premier health care innovation company. The CVS Health talent acquisition team is a passionate and agile group of recruiting professionals located across the globe with one mission.... to help their leaders hire great people. Learn how the CVS Health is reinventing their employment brand with customers, colleagues and candidates at the heart of everything they do.
Kerry Noone, Director, Recruitment Marketing & Advertising at CVS Health

Kerry Noone

Director, Recruitment Marketing & Advertising
CVS Health

11:20 am - 11:40 am Keynote: Using HR Analyses as a Narrative to Drive Business Decisions

Building an analytics function within HR to leverage available data is growing, yet many organizations struggle to create a roadmap and build capability.  In this session, you will hear how to build capability and leverage data to support business case development and support strategic investment. 

With 20 years’ experience in HR and IT, Lori
• Understand what you are tracking and why
• Consolidating data to create context around your strategy
• Build a narrative to make a succinct and informed case to management

Lori Pierson, Vice President HCM Transformation at Oracle

Lori Pierson

Vice President HCM Transformation

With 8,600 and counting store closures by the end of 2019 and an ever competitive labor market, HR leaders are working harder than ever to steer ship in choppy waters to keep their organizations competitive. Our panelists will talk through:
• What are HR teams doing to support the business during transformation?
• How do you work with business partners on organizational design?
• How are communicating during times of change?

Ashley Andreas, Director, Organizational Effectiveness at Bass Pro Shops

Ashley Andreas

Director, Organizational Effectiveness
Bass Pro Shops

Vanessa Bernarding, VP, HR at Total Wine & More

Vanessa Bernarding

Total Wine & More

Patti Gilligan, Senior Director, Organizational Change & Strategy at Designer Brands (DSW)

Patti Gilligan

Senior Director, Organizational Change & Strategy
Designer Brands (DSW)

Lori Pierson, Vice President HCM Transformation at Oracle

Lori Pierson

Vice President HCM Transformation

12:05 pm - 12:15 pm Audience Interactive!

After hearing the panelists share their thoughts, take this time to discuss key takeaways and next steps at your tables. The moderator will then pick on a few tables to report out to the larger group! 

12:15 pm - 1:20 pm Networking Lunch for All Attendees

Get to know your fellow attendees better during our sit-down lunch.
Retailer HR practitioners only. Attendees pick two discussions for 30 minutes each.
1. Inclusion Starts Before the Interview
Candace Nicolls, SVP of People and Workplace, Snagajob
2. Reinventing Retail Recruitment Marketing
Chris Forman, CEO, Appcast
3. Engaging Frontline Employees 
Matt Tremmeglia, VP Customer Success, Achievers
4. Attracting Diverse Candidates and Creating Brand Loyalty
Bridgette Corridan, Head of Partnerships,
5. Strategies for Treating Your Candidates Like a Customer
Dan Sines, CEO, Traitify
6. Remaining Abreast of Regulation Changes

If you would like to lead a roundtable, reach out to sponsorship manager Mary Ellen Tornatore at or 646-200-7511.

Candace Nicolls, SVP of People and Workplace at Snagajob

Candace Nicolls

SVP of People and Workplace

Chris Forman, CEO at Appcast

Chris Forman


Matt Tremmeglia, VP Customer Success at Achievers

Matt Tremmeglia

VP Customer Success

Bridgette Corridan, Head of Partnerships at

Bridgette Corridan

Head of Partnerships

Dan Sines, CEO at Traitify

Dan Sines


1:20 pm - 2:25 pm Vendor-Only Boardroom: On the Flip Side: What HR is Really Thinking

Expansion and growth brings with it a multitude of new labor law and compliance issues. With the ever-changing employment law landscape varying by state and city how do you ensure your stores across the state or country are remaining compliant? The panelists will open discussion before you submit questions on the app for the moderator to pose to them – and the rest of the room!
Reginald Johnson, SVP, Field HR North America & Chief Diversity Officer at Signet Jewelers

Reginald Johnson

SVP, Field HR North America & Chief Diversity Officer
Signet Jewelers

Stephanie Miller, Director, Employee Relations, U.S. at Lowe's

Stephanie Miller

Director, Employee Relations, U.S.

Andrew Rawson, Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer at Traliant

Andrew Rawson

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Elizabeth McLean, General Counsel at Goodhire

Elizabeth McLean

General Counsel

2:55 pm - 3:15 pm Guest Keynote: Roll with Change: Developing a Mindset to Thrive against Adversity

What inspires us to push beyond where we want to stop? It’s about developing a mindset that helps us get better at handling our daily difficulties so that we can become more effective at accomplishing our goals. Jake French’s story will forever change the way you respond to adversity.
Jake isn’t a celebrity, a mountain climber, or a rock star. He’s an ordinary person, who figured out how to thrive in extraordinary circumstances. His talk will challenge how you deal with change, make you laugh hysterically, and walk away feeling uplifted so that you can be a stronger person inside and out!

Inspiration lights up your people’s inner drive to push past limitations and perform at their highest level. Jake French teaches what fuels inspiration, inhibits it, and the strategies you can use to leverage it. As a young man on top of the world with a new college degree and dream job as a forester, life was suddenly turned upside down by a devastating spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic. Life happened, as unexpected change tried to steal the wheel. It was what came next, the choice to live it, which means to develop a mindset that helps you make the most of the resources you do have to work with, becoming the blueprint for a way of life that can help all of us accomplish more.
Jake French, Speaker, Author, & Trainer at Jake French Inspires

Jake French

Speaker, Author, & Trainer
Jake French Inspires

3:15 pm - 3:55 pm Snack Attack Afternoon Refreshment Break in the HR Hub

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Grab a quick treat from the HR Hub.

Track A: Talent Acquisition

3:55 pm - 4:25 pm Case Study Interactive: Refreshing Your Employer Brand for Your Market
• Understanding how to make your workplace an employer of choice in different markets
• Using different assessment models for candidate fit
• Using social recruitment to reach your target demographic
Nicole Zellie Lann, Director, Talent Acquisition at Giant Eagle

Nicole Zellie Lann

Director, Talent Acquisition
Giant Eagle

Track A: Talent Acquisition

4:25 pm - 4:55 pm Workshop: Customizing the Recruiting Process for Hourly Retail Talent
With a highly competitive talent market, a singular approach to candidate experience and recruitment is no longer effective. Learn how leading retail companies are customizing their strategy to consider the unique behaviors, motivations and preferences of hourly talent. 
• Four core problems of hiring approaches that lack a unique candidate experience
• Research insights on the top reasons why hourly talent accept new positions and how their priorities differ from salaried employees
• Five tips to improve your hiring process for hourly workers and help you reach the best outcomes

Greg Summers, EVP at Cielo

Greg Summers


Track B: Learning & Development

3:55 pm - 4:25 pm Workshop: Blended Learning for the Modern Worker
With workforce learning and development being a key component of elevating the retail experience and driving company growth, companies are modernizing training to best serve the development of their employees. At Dunkin Brands Linda D'Amore leads Learning Design for the global organization where she and her team are moving to a customized, digital learning experience. In this interactive workshop, Linda will walk attendees through current challenges in blended learning and how to overcome them.
•Combining digital and traditional training in ways that are both effective and cost conscious
•Identifying what works for the modern employee and for your organization
•Where problem areas and challenges lie and how to combat those

Linda D’Amore, Director, Learning Design at Dunkin Brands

Linda D’Amore

Director, Learning Design
Dunkin Brands

Track B: Learning & Development

4:25 pm - 4:55 pm Learning the Job on Effective Onboarding
• Breaking down existing training content into clusters of modules
• Making training seem quicker and less drawn out
• Ensuring the employee feels s/he is achieving something to motivate them throughout the process

Track C: Compensation & Benefits

3:55 pm - 4:25 pm Case Study Interactive: Evolving Comp & Ben for Compelling Employee Engagement & Rewards
While workforce demands and needs evolve, HR veterans know that the way organizations think of competitive compensation has remain unchanged in decades. As the labor market remains at a candidate advantage, Chris Lee is in the midst of transforming employee compensation at PetSmart. Chris will share what he and his team are working on to:
• Understand employee needs and update benefit and reward offerings to reflect those needs
• Identify adjustments the organization needs to make to modernize comp and ben packages
• Make compensation fit into the broader context of updating HR strategy for the modern economy and worker
After his presentation, Chris will open up the discussion to the room for attendees to discuss how they can evolve comp and ben at their organizations! 

Chris Lee, Senior Director, Human Capital Solutions at PetSmart

Chris Lee

Senior Director, Human Capital Solutions

Track C: Compensation & Benefits

4:25 pm - 4:55 pm Workshop:
If you would like to lead this session, reach out to sponsorship manager Mary Ellen Tornatore at or 646-200-7511.
10 max. participants. By sign-ups.

HR Innovator Boardrooms

3:55 pm - 4:25 pm Boardroom 1: Making Talent Metrics Part of Leadership Compensation
Rob Ollander-Krane, Head of Talent Planning & Performance at Gap Inc.

Rob Ollander-Krane

Head of Talent Planning & Performance
Gap Inc.

HR Innovator Boardrooms

4:25 pm - 4:55 pm Boardroom 2: Remaining Compliant across Markets
Stephanie Miller, Director, Employee Relations, U.S. at Lowe's

Stephanie Miller

Director, Employee Relations, U.S.

Take this opportunity to connect with peers from similarly sized organizations to discuss how some of the content you heard today applies to your workforce size!

Retailer Roundtables by Organization Size

4:55 pm - 5:25 pm Large Employers:

For retailers with >100,000 employees
Courtney Capeling, VP, HR at Best Buy

Courtney Capeling

Best Buy

For retailers with 10,000-49,999 employees:
Kecia Bailey, Director, HR, Western Region, Williams-Sonoma
For retailers with 50,000-99,999 employees: 
Jennifer Hinkle, SVP, HR, Bath & Body Works

Kecia Bailey, Director, HR, Western Region at Williams-Sonoma

Kecia Bailey

Director, HR, Western Region

Jennifer Hinkle, SVP, HR at Bath & Body Works

Jennifer Hinkle

Bath & Body Works

For retailers with 1-2,499 employees: 
Laura Hammond, Regional Director, Retail Talent, USA, Aritzia 
For retailers with 2,500-9,999 employees: 
Greg Shebesta, Director, HR, Blain’s Farm & Fleet Stores

Laura Hammond, Regional Director, Retail Talent, USA at Aritzia

Laura Hammond

Regional Director, Retail Talent, USA

Greg Shebesta, Director, HR at Blain’s Farm & Fleet Stores

Greg Shebesta

Director, HR
Blain’s Farm & Fleet Stores

5:25 pm - 6:25 pm HR Retail Boardwalk Cocktail Reception in the HR Hub Hosted by ZipRecruiter

After a full day of content, step up to our boardwalk fun with interactive games, yummy treats, and boozy drinks.